Our Process

To ensure the best quality solution for your design requirements, we believe in laying down the groundwork before work begins. Our process consist of a stages, each aligned to your custom graphic design requirements.

How It Works

1. Introduction and Briefing
An e-meet and greet with the designer who heads up our creative team where we discuss your custom design requirements and scope of work.

2. Quotation
If your project doesn't fit into one of the boxes below, we also offer an obligation free quote detailing stages, hours and job deliverables.

3. Concept Proposal
Upon receiving the go-ahead we will submit a proposal detailing our ideas, proposed look-and-feel and design directions for discussion and feedback.

4. Design Proposal
The design proposal showcases content, options, usage and specifications applicable to your design project or package. (allow at least a week or two for stage of the process).

5. Feedback + Adjustments
We thrive on feedback as it gives us the opportunity to make adjustments and align our ideas with your vision.

6. Handover
Once we have finalised everything, all your content is made available via a shared link or email. Content will be read-to-use and print ready and available in different formats.